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Best Robot Cleaner 2017 You Can Choose

Best Robot Cleaner 2017 You Can Choose

Are you getting tired of your current way of cleaning? You have to do it manually like sweeping and mopping the floor. It has been known as manual one. Then, there is vacuum technology that can help homeowners to clean the floor without doing much in cleaning because the vacuum cleaner will absorb the dirt or stains on the floor. You just need to move the vacuum and it is faster than you do it manually. Now, people are getting tired to clean the house using a vacuum cleaner. There is robot cleaner where you just need to navigate using the remote control or just using the Smartphone to navigate your house cleaning. If you cannot navigate through your phone, you can set it and then it will run automatically based on your setting. There are many best robot cleaner 2017 you can choose. It might be daunting to choose as there are so many types of robot vacuum cleaner, here are the cleaner you can choose in 2017

iRobot Roomba 960

The first robot cleaner is iRobot Romba 960. Coming affordable price does not mean that it does not come with good feature. Roomba might have been the most common type or brand that could be so flexible in any kind of flooring and carpet. The basic feature like navigation, camera sight, and schedule controls is enough for you to consider this cleaner.

Neato Botvac

The second best robot cleaner is Neato Botvac. Although it comes bit expensive, it is worth for the price as you can get the most flexible feature and it is durable for years as long as you maintain based on the manual book.

Dyson 360 eye

The last robot cleaner is Dyson 360 eye. As the name is 360 eye, it comes with 360 cameras where you can control and re-clean which part that is missed by the robot cleaner.

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