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Best Robot Cleaner 2017 You Can Choose

Are you getting tired of your current way of cleaning? You have to do it manually like sweeping and mopping the floor. It has been known as manual one. Then, there is vacuum technology that can help homeowners to clean the floor without doing much in cleaning because the vacuum cleaner will absorb the dirt or stains on the floor. You just need to move the vacuum and it is faster than you do it manually. Now, people are getting tired to clean the house using a vacuum cleaner. There is robot cleaner where you just need to navigate using the remote control or just using the Smartphone to navigate your house cleaning. If you cannot navigate through your phone, you can set it and then it will run automatically based on your setting. There are many best robot cleaner 2017 you can choose. It might be daunting to choose as there are so many types of robot vacuum cleaner, here are the cleaner you can choose in 2017

iRobot Roomba 960

The first robot cleaner is iRobot Romba 960. Coming affordable price does not mean that it does not come with good feature. Roomba might have been the most common type or brand that could be so flexible in any kind of flooring and carpet. The basic feature like navigation, camera sight, and schedule controls is enough for you to consider this cleaner.

Neato Botvac

The second best robot cleaner is Neato Botvac. Although it comes bit expensive, it is worth for the price as you can get the most flexible feature and it is durable for years as long as you maintain based on the manual book.

Dyson 360 eye

The last robot cleaner is Dyson 360 eye. As the name is 360 eye, it comes with 360 cameras where you can control and re-clean which part that is missed by the robot cleaner.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer Reviews

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer Review: Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner, FH50150 – excellent cleaning of the entire house!

Powerful, beautiful design, is working properly

In our area is still ongoing construction, poured in thick layers of dust and the need to wash, wash and wash until the purity does not become apparent. Moreover, the carpet and sofa and chairs have a light color.

When seven years ago, we bought a house, we bought a vacuum cleaner Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150, he served us for a long time, but because the older the carpet, the curtains worn out, began to collect more dust. So we began to look for a cheap device for carrying out a complete cleaning of carpets. We needed a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning with steam cleaner carpet. I like the brand Hoover, so I focused search within that brand and picked Vertical washing vacuum cleaner.

As distinguished Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner FH50150 is designed to replace or at least supplement tested vacuum cleaners new device, performing a deep carpet cleaning by a combination of hot water and detergent solution. The device has three transparent chamber or vessel, one – for said hot water and one for detergent, and one for dirty water waste. We Hoover FH50150 for almost two years.

Fill in the appropriate reservoirs of hot water and detergent, then pour the water from the reservoir for waste water – this is the most tedious job, which everyone will have to face in the operation Hoover FH50150. When cleaning the room I usually have to pour, pour, pour three times. However, as the device is moved itself to clean the carpet with detergent pretty easy – simply pull the switch on to distribute the mixture of detergent and hot water, and then back to rinse the carpet and collect all the liquid. Moving forward / reverse also activates a number of brushes in the front of the unit to help clean the carpet and collect detergent.

However, I warn you in advance, even after multiple passes with a vacuum cleaner, the carpet is wet. I tend to do a wet carpet cleaning late at night, before the whole family goes to sleep. By morning, the carpet is completely dry.

Hoover FH50150 does not remove all the stains completely, but he copes well with dirt, grease spots and stains from food and drinks. But I always go through more conventional vacuum cleaner after the carpet is dry to remove the recess left brushes and wheels Hoover FH50150.

Hoover FH50150, fortunately, does not require maintenance; so there is no leakage, cracks or broken parts. Ultimately, I think, Hoover great job of wet cleaning the whole house. In addition, this with him this job can be done just effortlessly!

Best Robotic Vacuum Reviews

With time, the number of household devices, intended to make our life easier and save our time for more interesting and important things, is increasing. We know that it takes much time and efforts to clean the flat. The appearance of cleaning robot, which makes everything on its own (vacuums, dusts, wipes the mirrors, etc.) is not envisaged in the near future. All these operations involve the human labor, while the devices and household chemicals only make it easier. However, we still dream to get rid at least of a few boring actions – to turn on the device and get the result without making efforts.

Vacuum-cleaning robot is the device, equipped with an artificial intelligence, able to clean the surfaces in the automatic mode. These robots appeared on sale not so long ago, and, despite the rapid development of these technologies, they’re still far from perfect. Visually, the robot vacuum resembles the disk (about 10 cm thick disk and 30 cm wide). However, there are models whose shape resembles the square with rounded corners. Due to the low height, these machines easily penetrate under the beds, cupboards and sofas, i.e. the places we don’t always reach. The robot moves by means of an electric motor and small wheels (usually there are 3 of them). The device is operated with the buttons, located on the top surface of the disk.

The robot is equipped with the battery whose capacity defines the period of uninterrupted work of the cleaner. On the average, such robot can clean the area of 20 square kilometers in 45-50 minutes. There are many models in different price category and with various sets of features on the market. However, the price doesn’t always determine the quality. Therefore, before choosing a certain models of robot vacuum, you should form a clear picture of your desires and realistically assess your capacity. It will help you to choose the right model and avoid the frustration with its operation.

The types of vacuum robots

  • 1. The robot vacuum, intended to remove the dust and garbage from the surfaces through their sucking with the airflow.
  • 2. Washing robot vacuum – it provides the wet floor cleaning with the use of cleaning products. 3. Floor-polishing robot can do both dry and wet cleaning with the use of microfiber napkins.

All the vacuum robots are completed with the base for recharging. When the battery charge is close to the minimum, the vacuum finds its base by means of special sensors and connects to the charger. Once the charging is completed, it will continue to work.

Depending on the model ”advancement ”, the charging can take from 40 minutes to 8 hours. Most models are equipped with the pollution sensors. These devices detect the most polluted places and clean them longer and more carefully.

The surface identification sensor allows the vacuum to detect the type of surface and use the appropriate mode for its surface. The cheap models of vacuums are often entangled in the wires, lying on the floor. Therefore, you must pick them up before cleaning. More expensive models use the system against the entanglement in the wires or some small objects. When it activates, the work of brushes and vacuum turns off, and the robot tries to leave this place, after which the work is renewed.